Touch Me - Special Edition

Format: Cassette
Release year: 1986
Country: Germany
Record label: Jive
Catalog: 4.26426
Notes: Special limited edition. Infos courtesy of Edym.

Side A
01 Touch Me (I Want Your Body) (Blue Mix)
02 I'm All You Need (Single Re-mix)
03 Hold On Tight (Radio Mix)
04 Suzie Don't Leave Me With Your Boyfriend (Original Album Version)
05 Wild Kinda Love (Remix)
06 Tonight's The Night (Original B-Side Of UK "Touch Me")

Side B
01 Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me) (Vixen Mix)
02 Want You To Want Me (Original US Album Version)
03 Rockin' In The City (Original US Album Version)
04 Baby I'm Lost For Words (Original US Album Version)
05 He's Got Sex (Original US Album Version)

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